Work in the Automotive Industry with Mechanic Courses in Wellington

Some industries or jobs go in and out of favour as the economy passes through cyclic shifts. Auto mechanics, though, are one type of professional that will always be in demand. As long as we are driving cars, we will need people to repair, service and maintain them. Pursue a career in this stable career by enrolling in mechanic courses in Wellington.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Mechanic Courses in Wellington

If you are looking at mechanic programs in Wellington, take a step back for a moment and consider these common mistakes that students make when pursuing these types of courses:

  • Not learning the basics: A Certificate in Automotive Engineering Level 3 will open a lot of doors for you in the automotive industry. However, if you don’t already have basic knowledge in relevant tools, machinery, general engineering, vehicle servicing, welding or just working in a garage or workshop, you might not be ready for this course. Consider a more entry-level course.
  • Not thoroughly absorbing the material: The skills and knowledge you can in your mechanic courses will directly impact your ability to do your job well. If you weren’t paying attention to a specific lesson or rushed through a project, you might miss something important. These gaps in knowledge could lead to misdiagnosed car problems, costly mistakes, poor customer service etiquette or other lapses in professional ability.

These mistakes and others can impact your reputation, your marketability as a candidate, your relationships with eventual customers or employers, and more.

Problems That G&H Training Addresses

At G&H Training, we have taken steps to correct some of the common misconceptions, mistakes and challenges related to mechanic training. These include:

  • Multiple course options: We offer two types of mechanic classes in Wellington, to help our students get the type of training they need. If you need the basics, we have a Foundation Automotive Skills L2 Programme that teaches them. If you already have the basics, you can test directly into our Level 3 Certificate course. If you aren’t sure where you belong, feel free to reach out and discuss with our representatives.
  • Letting you work at your own pace: Rushing through a training course is an excellent way to leave yourself with costly knowledge gaps. At G&H Training, we have a unique scheduling system that helps our students learn at their own pace and in their own style. We have enrolment for our courses open every week, instead of just once a semester, and we let students work however quickly or slowly they wish to work.
  • A focus on practical learning: Another hurdle for students that take mechanic courses or other courses in the trades is translating the skills they learn to the fast-paced environment of the workplace. We focus heavily on practical learning at G&H Training, to make sure our students are ready to make a seamless transition to the profession.

About G&H Training

G&H Training has been offering mechanic courses in Wellington—along with other courses in the trades—for 30 years now. We have a reputation for delivering strong vocational training and preparing students for the challenges and rewards of the workplace. To learn more about our business, or to enrol in one of our mechanic classes, contact us today.