Carpentry Courses in Hawke’s Bay

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Our carpentry courses in Hawke’s Bay give you the opportunity to challenge yourself and become the person you are determined to be. At G&H Training, we teach training for trades. Our goal is to provide our students with the education and practical skills needed to make a life-long career in the industry that holds your interests.

Tips Regarding Our Building Classes in Hawke’s Bay

We pride ourselves in going beyond for our students, that is why all our venues have both classrooms and workshops so that you can receive the best of both practical and theoretical training. Our training courses are available throughout the year; all you need to do is apply. Below are more tips and useful information about our carpentry programs in Hawke’s Bay.

  • All our venues come with fully furnished classrooms. Inside you will find an interactive whiteboard for education along with laptops so that all student can access our e-learning program. No computer, no problem. All you need to do is attend your class; the rest is provided by our facilities and us.
  • Our venues also have workshops, so that you can carry out practical exercises and assessments throughout our training. Each workshop is fully equipped with all the machinery, tools and safety equipment one would use to be a carpenter. We provide you with all that is required to complete your program.

Benefits of Attending Our Building Courses in Hawke’s Bay

There are many benefits to attending one of our courses; we offer graduates a First Aid certificate and The New Zealand certificate in Foundation Skills. Our courses provide the beginning steps to making a career out of carpentry. Below are more benefits you gain when attending our training courses.

  • Learn about the tools of the trade; we have both manual and power tools in our workshop. We can teach you about all the machinery used through a carpenter’s career.
  • We find that practical and theoretical learning goes hand in hand. Our courses provide you with opportunities to use their newly acquired knowledge in a safe environment. Our workshops offer the ideal space for honing your carpentry skills.
  • Being safe while you work is crucial, there are many sharp and dangerous tools used in carpentry. We train you in health and safety on the job and which environments are unsafe for work.

What You Stand to Lose by Not Attending One of Our Programs

At G&H, we put the needs of our trainees first. We understand that if we are providing a service, you need to be able to provide all necessary equipment to ensure that all who enrol have everything at their disposal. No matter what venue you register at, all are equipped with a G&H van. These vehicles are used to transport you to site visits and other class excursions.

Contact your local venue today and sign up for our carpentry courses. Spots are limited so call us soon.