Carpentry Classes for Beginners

G&H Training Has Superb Carpentry Classes for Beginners

Do you have an interest in carpentry classes for beginners? Our courses are open to anyone that is over 16 years old and wants to develop their talent of working with wood.

What Sets G&H Training Apart Regarding Basic Carpentry Courses

There are many advantages to taking basic carpentry courses. When you enrol in any of our curriculums, you can always expect:

  • Opportunity to learn a trade: Our team understands the impact the carpentry industry has in our world. Our course runs for 30 weeks and will help you fine-tune your skills to become a highly respected carpenter.
  • Training on how to use various tools: Our teachers provide a full overview of the standard tools that carpenters use for their craft. You have the opportunity to not only learn about why they are necessary for this field but how to use them.
  • State-of-the-art workshops and classrooms: We supply you with a beautiful work environment where you will not only learn but work throughout your course. Our goal is to give you a space where you feel comfortable and confident where your carpentry skills can expand.

Common Mistakes People Make When They Learn Carpentry

Taking one of our basic carpentry classes is not an easy task. While mastering various carpentry techniques is essential, try to avoid the following mistakes if you are trying to learn carpentry:

  • Working in a dirty environment: Keeping your workshop clean is a key responsibility of any carpenter. What many novices do not realise is that the dust and debris floating around the area can have a negative impact on your work, specifically when you stain your project. If a particle lands your project during the staining process, you risk a result with an uneven surface.
  • Purchase the wrong tools: Part of learning how to be a carpenter is understanding the right tools that you need to complete a job. It’s essential to invest in the correct tools because they will become a permanent staple in your workshop and hopefully be used for many years to come.
  • Using dull blades or bits: Using sharp blades ensures that you get a perfect cut every time. When you notice that your bit has become dull, it’s vital that you replace it. If you continue to use inaccurate cutting tools, you run the risk of a less than adequate final project and potential injury if the blade slips.

Our skilled trainers are here to provide you with guidance to help you become a master carpenter.

Why Trust G&H Training Regarding Basic Carpentry Classes

The G&H Training team is proud of their 30-year history of teaching budding carpenters throughout the area. We have a safe training environment that combines a technical and practical learning technique ensuring you get the most out of your time with us.

For more information about our carpentry classes for beginners, please complete our enquiry form and we will reach out to you shortly.