Carpenter Qualifications

Gain Core Skills in a Programme Earning You Carpenter Qualifications

Every carpentry career begins with an employer looking through resumes to find the best candidate with carpenter qualifications. Experience is a great indicator, but not the only way to stand out from the crowd. Our programme of carpentry classes will offer you the distinction necessary to earn that interview and your first job in the carpentry industry.

What You Can Expect from G&H Training Regarding Level 3 Carpentry Classes in NZ

Our comprehensive coursework prepares you for entry into the industry.

  • Pre-employment coursework makes you an attractive candidate for entry-level positions and apprenticeships. Completing the programme shows your future employer that you can make and keep a commitment to the carpentry field. It’s the same thing an employer insists on when you begin working with their company.
  • While nothing replaces experience in the workplace, it’s also true that nothing prepares you to earn that experience like comprehensive instruction. Learn the foundational skills in carpentry to prepare yourself for employment and apprenticeships.
  • You’ll earn essential certifications, including the National Certificate in Building Construction and Allied Trades Skills (L2), the New Zealand Certificate in Foundation Skills (L2), and a First Aid Certificate. These inform your future employer that you already have training and certifications, so you’ll be able to work immediately.

Tips Regarding Carpentry Classes in NZ

The decision to enter the carpentry industry is not one that is taken lightly, but consider these points as you weigh your options:

  • Our foundational programme prepares you to enter the workforce even if you have little or no qualifications currently. As the programme takes 30 weeks, you’ll be a viable candidate for employment and apprenticeship in little over half a year.
  • The programme is competitively priced when compared to polytechnical institutes. It is also very inclusive, as it is open to all New Zealand citizens and permanent residents. If you have recently immigrated and have experience from another country but lack New Zealand certifications, these courses are perfect for maximising your efforts in the search for employment.
  • It’s the perfect starting point regardless of your age. If you are at least 16 years old (or 15 with an MOE exemption), you can start training any Monday of the year.

Why You Should Use G&H Training

We’ve been in operation for three decades, providing relevant and current training for those seeking to enter construction, carpentry, and auto industries. We have six convenient locations in the North Island, so it’s easy to find instructors who can help train you up to be an outstanding candidate in the search for employment.

During our years of operation, we’ve witnessed that the trades we focus on have a consistent need for capable candidates. Those who are particularly well-suited for the industries excel in their work and earn a great living while performing fulfilling work each day. We encourage you to take the first steps in a journey that will lead you to an exciting career that challenges and strengthens you. Contact us to learn more about the coursework, enrolment process, and how our training programmes are right for you.