Building Classes in Whangerei

Learn Carpentry and Construction with Building Classes in Whangerei

The construction industry is vibrant and robust, and it’s growing. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in this field, G&H Training can help. We offer two different building classes in Whangerei—one to teach you the foundational skills of the trade and another to prepare you for your first career step.

Problems G&H Training Addresses Regarding Building Classes in Whangerei

No matter what you are hoping to accomplish in the construction industry, we have designed our courses at G&H Training with the next steps in mind. Here are a few common challenges and problems with trades training that we’ve addressed with our building courses:

  • Requiring students to re-learn basic knowledge they already have If you already have a firm grasp of hand tools, power tools, workshop machinery and practical workshop/worksite skills, it might not make sense for you to go through curriculum about these fundamental skills. At G&H Training, we make it easy to pursue the course that makes sense given your knowledge and experience. If you are a beginner in this industry, then our Foundation Carpentry Skills course is the right place to start. If you already have that foundation of knowledge, you can skip right to the Construction Trade Skills Level 3 programme. All you need to do is pass an assessment test to prove that you have the skills necessary to proceed to the higher-level course.
  • Locking students into a specific schedule: At G&H Training, we understand that not all students who come to us can make a full-time student schedule work. To serve our entire clientele better, we offer weekly enrolments in all courses and then enable our students to work at their own pace. If you want to speed through your course, that’s great. If you need to take your time as you balance learning with work, family or other obligations, we can work with you to make that possible.
  • Focusing too much on theory and not enough on practical skills: You can’t learn the skills needed for construction industry jobs without a major emphasis on practical learning. We make that emphasis at G&H Training, incorporating plenty of time for hands-on workshop exercises. We even offer student transportation to worksites or for other class trips.

With G&H Training, you can begin your construction career at your own pace and with a strong focus on the skills that are really going to matter. Best of all, when you finish your Certificate 3, you will be ready to start an apprenticeship, get a job in the general construction industry or move on to a higher level of training. Whatever your goals may be, we offer a good starting point.

Why G&H Training Is Cost Effective

The construction industry is growing and is full of stable job opportunities. If you’re interested in a career that demands hard work but also substantial rewards, construction is the right field for you. At G&H Training, we can get you to the point where you are ready to start a construction career in less than a year. Invest today in skills that will improve your life tomorrow. Contact us today to learn more.